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Talking about Vispring® is synonymous with talking about the British brand of mattresses with top global recognition as a result of its more than 100 years of history, its select combination of natural and exclusive materials and distinguished quality and craftsmanship. Vispring’s® core value resides in that each mattress is crafted in a delicate, individual and manual way.

Vispring® has been combining luxury and absolute comfort for more than a century, with mattresses that entail a long and complicated production process, starting with the elaboration of its own steel and vanadium, high-resistance bagged springs, with 58 types of different springs and four different degrees of tensions, adjusting to your body and your needs.

Each spring is inserted in a natural cotton bag to offer your mattress maximum breathability.  They are springs that will fit manually one by one to form a compact and adaptable honeycomb, with hand-made side seams made with 100% natural cord, providing support and longevity to your mattress.

The fillings used by this firm consist of luxury and delicacy, matching the final product they offer and using select 100% natural materials from around the world in their making: silk, cashmere, bamboo, mohair, horsetail hair, wool and cotton.

Once the filling has been delicately introduced layer by layer and combined with the bagged springs, hand tufting follows, creating voluptuously contoured signature surface of Vispring® which gives you comfort and stability during your sleep.

Lastly, the box spring and headboard that will accompany your mattress are hand-made using hard and soft Scandinavian woods, without chipboard or medium density fiberboard. As part of their commitment to the environment, all woods are certified to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, guaranteeing sustainability and traceability.

Vispring® have a wide range of headboards designed in different styles and fabrics, including also the possibility to request custom made headboards and with the selection of your favorite fabric and design.

Remember that Vispring’s® main objective is that the bed is made to measure for you, hand crafted, delicate, adapted and special.

Vispring® turn your dream into bespoke luxury, handmade and using 100% natural products.

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