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Paris – 1935

Tréca has been taking the French style to haute couture beds for more than 80 years, making your dreams a “made to measure” handmade luxury, as all of their production is hand made.

It is why the firm has earned the credit for inventing the Pullman® spring and the integral hand-tufting. Said springs are manufactured at their own factories to offer an optimal suspension for your spine. And, aside from being individual pocket springs, the comfort adapts independently to each side of the bed, allowing you to enjoy a rest that adjusts to your needs.

The upholstery is made entirely by hand and includes a traditional and patented padding that reinforces your mattress and ensures that it does not deform over the years, maintaining an impeccable finish and a particularly delicate embroidery.

As an addition to the customization of your Tréca mattress, you have the possibility to request your personalized embroidery, choose specific details and request the type of exclusive engraving to imprint on your mattress. Furthermore, this French brand of mattresses serves all possible sizes and shapes. Choose yours and they will design it for you.

The success of this firm and its products is largely due to the exclusive selection of raw materials that bring intrinsic qualities, such as mohair, natural silk, horse mane and camel wool. Chosen for their thermal and hydrophilic qualities and their great resilience, their goal is not only to ensure that you sleep well, but also that your mattress stays always like on the first day over the years.

Quality and durability united in your Tréca mattress.

Especialistas en descanso
Especialistas en descanso
Especialistas en descanso

Elements that are translated into an exceptional guarantee. Their fine hand-stitched finishes, the making of their springs and the carefully chosen and distributed fill reveal the firm’s French craftsmanship. “Know how” that is reflected in various collections of mattresses, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your preferences and your decoration.

This firm, in addition to its well-known mattresses, makes elements that complete your luxurious rest along the same Parisian line, including bed bases, headboards and accessories, such as bedside tables, pillows, lamps and more.

Choose your fabric for your Tréca bed personally, design and fulfill your dreams in the most comfortable, natural and resistant way. Our staff will help you decide the model that best suits your needs and solve all your doubts.

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