The relax armchair, as its name implies, is ideal for achieving maximum relaxation and comfort while you enjoy watching TV, reading a book or taking a short nap. If you are considering buying a quality armchair, we advise you to read the following tips:

Available space

It is always the main requirement to take into account, especially in the case of small spaces. In the market you can find a wide variety of models of different sizes. We invite you to explore our catalog and find your ideal massage chair.

Available budget

You should keep in mind that the price of a relax armchair will depend largely on whether they are manual or automatic, in addition to the manufacturing material.

– An automatic armchair will obviously offer greater comfort but will cost more.

– In terms of materials, synthetic fabrics are easier to clean and leather, as a rule, is a wise choice in terms of value for money.

Typology of relax chairs

You should keep in mind that in the market, relax chairs are classified into 4 large groups, all of which you should assess depending on your needs and preferences:

  • Traditional model: it features a simple system that allows sliding of the seat, therefore providing a more comfortable posture with footrests.
  • Power lift: this type of furniture features a lifting system to help the person raise or lower the chair according to his/her needs. It offers different optional positions and adjustment levels so that the person can choose the one that suits him best. This type of chairs is recommended for people with reduced mobility. In many occasions, it also features a heating system and massage options.
  • Professional massage chair: allows the person to enjoy full relaxation thanks to the variety of movements and vibrations applied to different parts of the body, from head to toe. It offers different intensities, variety of massage types or time-lapse programming. It is a piece of furniture that offers great benefits including stress reduction, relaxation, relief of muscle aches, blood flow regulation or reduction of insomnia.
  • Reclining backrest: as the name implies, the backrest can recline (but manually through a lever), which means greater cost savings compared to automatic relax chairs.

Our Brands

At Nessen Interior we are special distributors of large and well-known brands of relax armchairs listed below:

STRESSLESS: the best manufacturer of reclining Stressless armchairs in the world, with a unique patented system that “accompanies you” as you change your position. They also have different sizes, depending on height and size.

HIMOLLA: A German firm leader in the production of power relax armchairs. These Himolla armchairs can be equipped with up to 5 motors, so you can move the different parts of the armchair to your liking and set it to the positions you need at any given time.

KEYTON: A Spanish firm specializing in massage chairs. Among its wide range of products, you can find Keyton armchairs with modern and elegant designs and patented and localized massage systems for each body part.


Relax chairs are strongly linked to the HEALTH concept. A typology especially indicated for people with lower back pain, cervical ailments, etc.

Stressless chairs, as we’ve said earlier, envelope you and adapt to your movements. Himolla allows you to adjust all parts of the armchair to your ideal posture thanks to its comfortable remote-activated activation. Furthermore, it has also recently introduced in Spain the HEART RELIEF position, for those suffering from blood circulation and heart problems. Lastly, Keyton is a leader in massage chairs, allowing you to activate the most appropriate massage for your condition after hard workday. It features a unique system that scans your morphology to adjust the massage types to your body and height.

If you are interested in buying a relax armchair, we encourage you to visit us at some of our sofas stores in Malaga. Our expert sales representatives will be happy to show you and advise which armchair best suits your needs. We look forward to seeing you!

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