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The Tempur® material traces its history to the 1970s. It was developed by NASA to relieve the pressures that astronauts were subjected to at every takeoff. Tempur had thus obtained the original viscoelastic patent, which originated in the US, from where manufacturing of the material would soon expand to Denmark, facilitating distribution to all European markets.

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This firm does not outsource the manufacture of its products, so that it may offer you full guarantees and exclusivity. Tempur is a delicate thermosensitive material that perfectly adapts to your body’s anatomy and distributes its weight in a natural and homogeneous way. You will enjoy a great feeling of weightlessness and a unique rest. Exclusive comfort awarded by the US Space Foundation.

Especialistas en descanso

Tempur has spent many years betting on investing in R&D. Its priority is continuous innovation and improvement in order to continue providing you with the most immersive comfort while adapting to the changes of society and its new lifestyles. A frantic routine, combining work and family life on top of practicing sports, requires an energy expenditure and muscular tensions that your Tempur mattress will help you replenish.

This material can only be produced in their factories by specialized scientists who work to perfect it and turn it into several products with different degrees of firmness and adaptations, with the ultimate goal of allowing each consumer to choose the option that best suits his or her needs.

An example of its endless innovation is the mattress that Tempur has recently developed: Original Prima CT®, which recreates the environment of Japanese Zen gardens used for meditation and featuring exclusive technologies such as CoolTouch™, the ability to absorb excess heat released from our bodies during sleep, allowing you to enjoy a unique rest.

Its well-known product ranges Tempur Original®, Tempur Sensation® and MICROTECH®, are market leaders due to their different degrees of firmness and for providing great benefits to your rest and your health, such as breathability, adaptability, cushioning, pressure point reduction, temperature thermoregulation and high durability.

Tempur is positioned as a benchmark in the sector for its innovative mattresses and the exclusivity of its materials. Furthermore, we must highlight the large number of products that this firm offers to fulfill your rest needs, from handmade beds, upholstered bases, couches and bed bases, to textile Tempur cervical pillows. Try our Tempur mattresses and pillows in Malaga!

Try the sensation of levitating in your bed, visit our showroom of more than 2,000m² and get to know this exclusive brand and much more.

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