Sofa types

New home, move or planning to give a new flair to your living room, dining room or living room? Knowing the variety of sofas and armchairs that currently exist in the market will help you create a personalized space adapted to your needs and those of your family, and adjust the available space to the furniture that you may already have or want to buy. Here are the different types of sofas you can find so you can identify the right one for your space:

Single-seater sofas or armchairs

Ideal for studios, apartments or small rooms. They create an individual area for relaxation, which, when set near windows or next to a beautiful floor lamp, offer warmth and that “rest and disconnection bubble” sensation.

2 seater and 3 seater sofa (three-piece suites)

These are preferred products thanks to the versatility and comfort they offer, especially in family homes. They are ideal when it comes to offering comfort and rest to the whole family while watching a movie or just to gathering in the lounge for a drink. This type of sofa adapts to any space, even outdoors.

L-shaped sofa

For large rooms, L-shaped sofas can accommodate even 5 or 6 people. Its L shape allows it to adapt to any corner, taking full advantage of the space of the entire room. This type of furniture, when set next to a small table in front of the TV, will catch the whole family or group of friends, creating lively spaces at home.

Modular sofa

Thanks to its “modular” feature, they offer dynamism and adaptation in all room types, allowing creativity in each space. A type of sofa adapted to all types of interior design, be it large or small rooms. They offer functionality and comfort.

Chaise Longue sofas

The particularity of this type of sofas is its link to elegance and luxury. In fact, its origins are linked to royalty.
Generally, this is a large and bulky furniture that captures full attention in large rooms or spaces. It is perfect for a good rest after a long and intense day.

Sofa bed

Sofa beds are conceived to solve problems related to space especially in small apartments or studios. Currently, sofa beds come in different designs, upholstery and aperture systems. Any version of this furniture becomes highly useful in hotels, apartments or holiday accommodation, as well as in hospitals, offices or even homes, to accommodate visiting family and friends.

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