Tempur Original 19 Prima Cool Touch mattress

Adaptable and cool

The new TEMPUR Prima mattress with CoolTouch is a 19-cm-thick mattress that adapts to the contours of the body and feels cool to the touch. Thanks to CoolTouch technology, enjoy cool, pressure-free comfort all night long. You can buy this fabulous Tempur mattress easily and safely through our online store. With all the guarantees and at the best price.


CoolTouch Technology

Sleep comfortably every night. The cover’s CoolTouch™ technology feels cool to the touch and absorbs excess heat.

Removable cover

The mattress cover can be removed for airing, machine washing or replacement.

TEMPUR Material

The revolutionary TEMPUR® material was initially developed by NASA to reduce the pressure that astronauts were subjected to during lift-off. Then our engineers and sleep specialists began researching ways to perfect the TEMPUR® material.

Tailored personal support

TEMPUR® material adapts to your weight, shape and temperature to offer tailored support.

Pressure relief

Thanks to its open cellular structure, TEMPUR® material offers pressure relief. The material distributes the body weight evenly over the entire contact surface.

Reduces motion transfer

TEMPUR® material is able to reduce motion transfer so your sleep partner’s movement won’t disturb you.



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