Nessen Salma Sofa

Cutting-edge and unique

A cutting-edge line and a unique finish on a sofa designed for enjoying hours and hours of rest. In all models, both fixed and with a reclining system, the backrest can be raised up to 18 cm to adjust it to the position that is most comfortable for you.


  • Leather or microfibre cover, non-removable.
  • Metal leg with titanium or brushed brass finish, height 13 cm.
  • Cushion, armrest and backrest are made of IRONTEXof variable density.
  • The model is always equipped with variable height backrests up to a maximum of 18 cm, adjustable by electric motors located inside the sofa. The motors can be operated by simple and easy-to-use buttons located on the sides of the seats.

The movement of the seats is independent of that of the backrests



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