Nessen Coco Supreme Firm Mattress

Specially for athletes and people diagnosed with hernias or lumbar problems.

The mattress that adjusts to your body and takes care of your health. You will have quality and well-being together for a unique rest.Its characteristic firmness helps people with scoliosis to rest in a good position.

12-year warranty! 101 trial nights!

The Coco Supreme Firm mattress is the most suitable mattress for people who play sports regularly. This level of firmness, combined with the adaptability of the most advanced memory foam, Memoryvis, provides a unique and restorative lumbar support. It adapts perfectly to any physical build without exerting pressure and allows muscle and joint recovery.

Interior Features

  • Irontex: Non-deformable and durable base, IRONTEXFirm of 50 kg/m3, which provides extra firmness.
  • Coco AirDreams: Material made from pure coconut fibre with 100% natural latex, providing coolness and elasticity. Regulates temperature during sleep and allows air circulation
  • Layer of thermosensitive Memoryvis® that adapts perfectly, ensuring our spine is always in the perfect position.
  • Intermediate layer of IRONTEX Super Soft, to adjust the adaptability of the mattress and provide a unique comfort to the entire bed.

Exterior features

  • Inner and outer cover with removable and reversible zipper. OEKO-TEK certified fabric.
  • Soft and adaptable
  • Anti-mite and hypoallergenic
  • Tencel fabric with a soft and silky touch, with thermoregulatory propertiesand natural origin.


  • Recommended for scoliosis, low back pain, herniated discs, discopathy (degeneration of the discs that separate the vertebrae) and ankylosing spondylitis.
  • You only need to rotatethe mattress for maintenance (from head to toe).
  • Place on base and lift up base.

Height +/- 27 cm.

12-year warranty and 101 trial nights.



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