Nessen Cocconut Mattress

Recommended for lumbar hernia or sciatica.

Coco Dreams and Memoryvis core for a rest that adapts to your body, keeping your back in its perfect position.A luxury rest, at the best price.

12-year warranty. 101 trial nights!

In this case we have created our Cocconut mattress using Coconut Fibre, Memoryvis and Irontex, which makes it an innovative mattress for a rest that is not only comfortable, but also restorative.You will notice how it immediately adjusts to the weight of your body and provides you a feeling of well-being and perfect support.


  • Memoryvis+Irontex:The Memoryvis adapts perfectly, keeping our spine always in the perfect position and the IRONTEX is the best non-deformable material, providing greater durability and superior firmness.
  • Coco Airdreams:Material made from pure coconut fibre with 100% natural latex, providing coolness and elasticity.
  • Thermoregulating fabric.
  • Suitable forathletes, back pain, lumbar hernia or sciatica and heat-sensitive people.
  • Height: 28cm

12-year warranty and 101 trial nights.




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