Nessen Aston Suites Mattress

Aston Suites is the mattress for those who demand the best.

The Aston Suites mattress comes with the most advanced technology developed by the Nessen brand for the best sleep.

The Aston Suites mattress has a 15-year warranty.



1. Fabric:

  • Double layer of Stretch Technic. As it is non-slip, you will not feel any movement in the mattress.
  • Double layer of natural soy.

2. Top:

  • Double layer of Pure Silk Fabric, a wild silk with high strength and breathability.
  • Double layer of natural cotton filling and merino wool filling, adding anti-mite protection to the mattress.
  • Double Dry High Soft layer with a Dmin density.
  • Viscootelch layer with high density and breathability.

3. Core:

  • Multipro multizone: With 7 zones for better sitting and better sleep.

4. Perimeter:

  • 360º perimeter reinforcement.

Benefits: The Aston Suites mattress provides you with the best sleep as it has top-quality fillings and materials that adapt to you, as well as its Dry High Soft layer, which provides maximum breathability.



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