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Nessen Interiors – The evolution of comfort 

Our founders, thanks to the experience of generations dedicated to offering Malaga the best rest products, have gathered the most exclusive range of mattresses on the market in NESSEN REST, with a level of comfort that far exceeds anything you have seen.

And finally, we must voice our NESSEN range that puts at your disposal premium rest products that are at the forefront of Europe in terms of value for money, with the guarantee that ensures that each model has been manufactured on the foundation of 40 years of industry experience in mattress manufacturing, adapting them to your needs and ensuring that your mattress provides you with adequate comfort to your anatomy and a unique feeling of rest.

Especialistas en descanso

A large selection of materials, designs and brands, with the sole objective of ensuring that the mattress you choose adapts to both you and your needs.

Its catalog also includes headboards, benches and stools to match and to measure for the type of mattress you choose. We customize everything so you can enjoy your set that has been created exclusively for you.

A brand manufactured in Spain, bringing the luxury of rest at your fingertips at the best price.

Below you can see different designs by this firm, its manufacturing process and its select choice of materials; everything you need in order to choose the best comfort for you.

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