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The best massage armchair in the world

Keyton has long upheld a highly exclusive domain in the field of manufacturing of high-end massage chairs with its own technology. Innovation is in the brand’s own DNA with more than 25 patents, a field where the reduction of scientifically proven stress levels plays a decisive role.

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Passion for innovation

In 2007, the Keyton and Giugiaro Design teams joined their talent to create a high-end massage chair with style. Keyton continues to create timeless designs with the visionary technology of tomorrow.

Keyton massage chairs feature 100% European technology and manufacturing, with innovations that have created trends such as the first ergonomic robot that can be adapted to any back curvature, the Sensor system for scanning the condition of the back, 3D leg massages, as well as the ergonomically perfect S-curve massage heads for cervical, dorsal and lumbar areas.

Obsessed with quality

Worldwide, both leather and wood are considered noble materials. They are not affected by changes in trends, habits or fashions. Their degree of elegance and comfort improves over the years. They are undoubtedly the perfect combination for the best decoration or any lifestyle.

Monitor your muscular tension

Daily stress and incorrect postures generate muscular tension. The touch sensors of the new SensorScan Pro function analyze up to 128 points on your back to monitor your muscle tension levels.

Relieve cervical tension

The study carried out by the NBIO Research Group of Miguel Hernandez University concludes that the Keyton massage chair reduces cervical tensions by more than 21%. And it recommends its use for those people who in their daily lives suffer stress and overload in the back muscles, especially in the cervical region.

Especialistas en descanso
Especialistas en descanso

1. SensorScan Pro

Scan your back so that the massages adapt to the condition of your muscles.

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2. Dynamic programs

Choose the program that adapts best to your lifestyle.

Especialistas en descanso

3. Your perfect massage

Begin to enjoy your fully personalized massage.

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