We sleep. Do you?® – Sweden 1852

Two-hundred years of history endorse the successive generations of this firm, from humble beginnings to its appointment as a supplier to the Royal House of Sweden, a spirit of excellence inspired by the creation of select handmade beds that provide you with a unique and renewing sleep.

Hästens is characterized for being faithful to hand-made craftmanship ever since its creation, its devotion to detail and its blue square pattern, the brand’s unique signature, a form of communication and a quality tool. To identify this characteristic design is synonym with luxury and excellent craft quality.

The firm can boast being the oldest bed manufacturer in Sweden, pioneers in introducing a sleeping mat on a divan bed and designing the bed frame. But its focus on excellence leads it to pursue constant progress, forcing them to perfect their techniques and products to continue at the forefront of the world of sleep.

We must highlight the careful choice of their materials. HÄSTENS demand that they be produced in a sustainable manner and extracted under all ethical guarantees. Their priority is to ensure they can be reused and returned to nature. Only using natural materials of the best quality can offer you a full and delicate rest.

When mentioning their materials, Hästens bring some that are as exclusive as horse mane that offers fantastic properties and forms the basis of Hästens beds. Cotton, a soft, resistant and pleasant material, guarantees good breathability for your body. Wool is a highly resistant material to fire and a fabric that contributes warmth when it is cold and cools in times of heat. Flax, with its little known performance, is a material with many healthy qualities that contributes to a peaceful sleep. Solid Swedish pines provide the resistance and stability of these prestigious beds. Lastly, its spiral biconical pocket spring system provides an optimal and silent support that relieves tensions and keeps your body properly aligned.

Hästens luxury beds, resistant, comfortable and different; choose an original bed and a unique comfort, choose the blue Swedish patterns and their excellent natural materials.

A firm that not only designs handmade mattresses; all accessories are hand-made, giving you the possibility to choose legs, covers, fabrics … Customize your entire bed and enjoy a rest made to measure for your needs. At our Nessen store we help you decide and find the best combination for you.

Entertain no doubts about the Hästens design and its materials

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