Nessen Interiors, confort Premium in Malaga.

Welcome to the only store in Spain that brings together the most exclusive rest and relaxation firms. At NESSEN INTERIORS, we introduce the best brands in the world for the most important rooms in your home, your bedroom and your living room!

More than 2,000m2 of exhibition space offer you the opportunity to recreate the decoration that best suits you.

VIP Nessen. Features Nessen Rest’s offering, with a wide variety of mattresses made with the most exclusive materials and adapted to you, also, at the best price.

Alternatively, Nessen Relax offers you the possibility to customize your armchair or sofa with the best anti-stain or aquaclean fabrics, with the best Italian leather. Find designer sofas, custom sofas and quality sofas in Malaga.

Hästens.  The Swedish firm maker of artisan beds of the best quality and reputation. Its unmistakable pattern of blue squares has reached the whole world as a hallmark of the luxury surrounding high-end rest products and natural raw materials. Try them at our store and enjoy their quality.

Tréca. The most select French style taken to “custom-made” beds. This Parisian firm combines its bagged springs with exclusive materials and its characteristic integral hand-tuft finish. An elegant style and mattresses that will make you fly, try them!

Vispring. The British hand-crafted mattresses par excellence, with more than 100 years combining exclusive materials with 58 types of springs inserted in a natural cotton bag, giving you the greatest adaptability to your body and unmatched resistance. We offer you the best selection from this firm, already difficult to find in Malaga.

Tempur.  State-of-the-art technology for your sleep. A material developed by NASA and converted into mattresses and accessories. This firm holds the original viscoelastic patent. The Tempur® material adapts perfectly to your body, regulates the temperature and gives you a great feeling of weightlessness during sleep. Come to our store and enjoy this exclusive brand that has been innovating year after year to offer you the most enveloping comfort.

Hukla. More than 75 years of “made in Germany” technology, applied both to its wide variety of mattresses made with top quality natural materials and to the best adjustable beds with quiet and resistant German motors. Choose the position, firmness and height of your bed with the press of a button. Visit us and enjoy all its guarantees.

Bentley. The prestigious Bentley Motors car brand decided to take its characteristic designs to a line of furniture and accessories; thus, Bentley Home Collection was born. Come see, touch and experience in person your armchairs and sofas featuring aerodynamic looks and padding that match the feeling of sitting in these incredible vehicles. Our Malaga store hosts a unique and exclusive exhibition at your fingertips.

Himolla. The best technology applied to adjustable armchairs. Featuring silent and cable-less German motors, your chair can be equipped with up to 5 different motors that regulate intensity in a personalized way. Comfortable, elegant, motorized and durable armchairs. Thinking about motor chairs is synonymous with thinking about Himolla, so come and meet them firsthand.

Keyton. The best massage chairs in the world are made by this firm, a high-end range of chairs that brings together 100% European technology and manufacturing coupled with the SensorScan Pro® system, a test that scans 128 points on your back to design the type of massage that fits your needs and ailments. Armchairs that bring greater, scientifically proven benefits to your health. Our staff will be delighted to reveal all their details.

Stressless. The most comfortable recliner in the world, designed to adapt to the natural movement of your body. That is why in addition to their exclusive lounge chairs, they offer a range of office chairs and sofas. Familiar with Malaga’s biggest exhibition of Stressless armchairs? Come and try them, we have more than 30 models!