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At Nessen Interiors we specialize in top-quality designer sofas. Our relax sofas are upholstered with the best ITALIAN LEATHER. The less leather is rectified, the more natural it will be, more breathable and more flexible; thus, the leathers we work with are little treated in order to preserve their quality as much as possible.

Top quality leather sofas in Malaga.

Flor leather, Dalí leather, Babel leather or Deer leather are some of the types of leather we offer our clients.

Surely you have ever sat on a leather sofa in summer and have had the feeling of getting stuck to it; or in winter, with the feeling that the sofa is freezing cold. With our leathers, you will never have this problem. Quality leather may have marks such as insect bites, scratches or small tears. Usually if the manufacturer spots any of them he will place them somewhere hidden on the sofa, although these marks are always indicative of top leather quality.

At Nessen Interiors you will find the sofa of your dreams with the best Italian leather to choose from a wide variety of colors and textures, so you can find the one that best fits your style and decoration.

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