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Are you familiar with the Aquaclean technology? Aquaclean is a type of treatment that is revolutionizing the world of upholstery. This treatment cleans off any stain on the sofa using just a little water.

Wine, sauce, chocolate, mud … are some of the spots that you can easily get rid of with the Aquaclean fabric, thus maintaining your sofa easily and without hassle.

At Nessen Interiors Málaga we offer you the best ANTI-STAIN FABRICS.

Aquaclean technology is not only specialized in stains, but also in protecting your sofa from the sharp nails of your pet. The coating of the synthetic fibers treated with Aquaclean prevents your dog or cat’s nails cut through, so the scratches do not remain on the sofa.

Visit us, you will be surprised to discover the wide variety of anti-stain fabrics that we have available for your home or residence.

Different textures, prints, finishes … we are waiting for you at Nessen Interiors to offer you the best sofa with the best anti-stain fabric.