Londres – 1919 


100 years have passed since the creation of the first Bentley, a prestigious brand of vehicles that has progressed without limits while maintaining its qualities of craftsmanship, exclusivity and delicacy with each of its details. This is reflected in its insistence on prioritising the human touch, as well as its commitment to sustainable sourcing, since one of its hallmarks is the characteristic reddish-brown wood, which meets quality and sustainability standards.

We talk about this firm at Nessen Interiors because of its decision to extrapolate the automotive luxury to your home. It transfers all the details of its car collections to designer furniture, accessories, decorative items, clothes, armchairs and much more. This is how the Bentley furniture line, Bentley Home Collection, was born.

A range developed and worked by Luxury Living Group, distributor of the most exclusive brands in the sector, collaborating with firms such as Fendi Casa, Ritz Paris Home Collection, Bugatti Home, Baccarat La Maison, Heritage, Trussardi Casa and Paul Mathieu, among others.

Going back to sofas, inspired by these automotive designs and their innovative spirit, they feature aerodynamic lines, a solid beech skeleton and large cushions. The raw materials are the key element of its great result, working with select leather, naturally dyed grain leather, its perforated cushions for better ventilation and polyurethane + memory foam or natural feather fillings.  This, together with its exquisite details and handmade embroideries, turn your living room into an automobile museum for lovers of this firm and its prestigious history.

Practically all its furniture combines its characteristic touch of beech wood and cherry wood heart with its amber colour and the most exclusive leathers with a special treatment that repels stains, 8 types of stitching according to borders and details, with metallic finishes, which will undoubtedly make you feel the prestigious luxury associated with the London firm.

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